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QA Automation Engineer

Job description

The application is a roster planning software mainly for healthcare organizations. Users with different roles get access to their own portal. The software allows for more efficient and effective planning of personnel within organizations.
The application is based on micro-service architecture with a main FE portal connected to various Endpoint / API providing required functionality, over RESTful architecture.


Job responsibilities

Manual testing & issue reproduction
  • Prepare test reports for sprints (for release notes).
  • Manual testing & issue reproduction
  • Review requirements (specification documents).
  • Review and improve test scenarios.
  • Validate/reproduce reported bugs by client.
  • Validate reported bugs by endusers (support).
  • Priortize bugs.
  • Investigate whether bugs are frontend or backend, update bug descriptions with appropriate details to help development.
  • Do smoke / integartion testing on new features implemented in the sprint.
  • Do high level testing and edge case scenario testing on new features in a sprint.
  • Write Zephyr scripts for new stories.
  • Maintain existing Zephyr scripts.
  • Do regression testing.
Test automation
  • Write automated tests from test scenarios (Zephyrs).
  • Maintain and improve functional automated test suite.
  • Perform code review.
  • Write non-functional / performance test scripts.
  • Maintain and improve performance test suite.
  • Provide metrics on percentage of tests failing / passing and the cause investigation.

Job requirements

  • Knowledge and understanding of user stories.
  • Ability to extract user scenarios and tests cases from stories and specifications.
  • Experience with Atlassian Jira and Zephyr test planning and management plug-in.
  • Experience in working under an Agile Scrum/ Kanban development cycle.
  • Experience with organizing and maintaining test cycles.
  • Understand technical requirements and product architecture.
  • Experience with Apache Maven and Project Object Model.
  • Experience with JUnit test Framework.
  • Test automation experience with SerenityBDD functional test automation framework.
  • Test automation experience with Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid2.
  • Testing oriented knowledge of Web services/ API architecture.
  • Testing oriented knowledge of RESTfull architecture.
  • Experience with setting up and managing / maintaining Jenkins CI jobs.
  • Experience working with remote machines (Windows and Linux).
  • Non functional (Perfomance) Testing knowledge and experience.
  • Experience with Apache JMeter performance test tool.
Bucuresti, Brasov
Full time